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About Shane
Shane Melanson is the Managing Partner at The Investing Advantage® Company and author of, Club Syndication, How the Wealthy Raise Capital and Invest in Commercial Real Estate, and his 2nd book, Evolve, Your Personal Growth Plan.

Since 2003 Shane has helped his clients buy and sell more than 260M in Commercial Real Estate, and has personally invested $60M+ in real estate ventures. He started his career financing commercial real estate with Sun Life Financial, where he was part of a team that lent more than $300M in commercial debt each year to some of the largest and most successful real estate investors in Canada and the US.  

Shane develops and invests in 2-3 value add commercial real estate project/year. He also consults with and works with highly skilled professionals and business owners looking to invest on their own, or through Shane.
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Your Wealth Building Scorecard is a Step-By-Step Blueprint Showing You...
  • The 3 main commercial real estate investing strategies I used to quit my job at 29
  • Mindmap with the 5 Steps to investing Commercial Real Estate
  • ​How to find the right commercial properties to invest in (and stay away from today): including my 8 Must Ask Questions before investing in any commercial property
  • ​How to use my 2 page Commercial Property Scorecard - to identify in under 10 minutes if the property you're looking to invest in is in the right location.
  • ​The Little known (and counter-intuitive) approach to attracting the Best Commercial Properties to you.  This 1 strategy is responsible for millions in profits and is almost never discussed outside of the closed investment circles. 
  • ​And more!
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