About Shane Melanson
Shane Melanson is a husband, dad, developer, investor and real estate capital raising specialist from Calgary, Alberta.  

Management I graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Economics and minor in Management.  At age 23 I started investing in residential real estate (finding homes that needed work, fixing them up and selling or renting them out).  

I also landed various jobs working as an Assessor for the City of Calgary, then in Urban Planning, then at Sun Life Financial as a Financial Analyst lending money on commercial projects.

Over the past 12 years, I've gained experience working private investors (helping a doctor buy his first ever $4.8M commercial property) and publicly traded companies buy and sell $20M - $30M properties.

Personally, I've bought and sold, at last count $55,000,000 of real estate.  Currently, I'm  developing 37,000 sq.ft of industrial bay condos, which we raised $2.7M in under 10 days for.

I've been very fortunate to have excellent mentors along the way that have taught me the ropes of investing in, raising money and executing on commercial real estate.

One of the key reasons for my success, has been putting our investors needs first.  With six syndications completed, and returning millions to my investors- my investors trust that I can execute. 

Today, I'm helping other aspiring real estate investors raise capital and source the best deal flow to help them grow their own portfolios.  Much of the information on how to invest in real estate is geared to 'retail' mom and pop investing.  Nothing wrong with this approach- but is not how professionals or High Networth investors invest.

I help investors looking to take their investing to the next level- showing you how the ultra wealthy and professionals raise money and negotiate commercial real estate.
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