Written by Shane Melanson on Feb. 16th 2018
The 10 Commercial Real Estate Investing Principles – Before we get into the 10 Principles of investing in Commercial Real Estate, I thought I should share with you, how I think about investing.
About 3 months ago I was on a call with my coach. He asked if I’d read the book, Principles, by Ray Dalio. I said I hadn’t, but was familiar with Ray and his investing success (he owns a hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates).
Written by Shane Melanson on March 7th 2018
Step 1. Shane’s 6 Driving Values and How I Raise Capital :

1.  I value Control. 

Definition: power, authority, command, dominant or mastery.

This is why I believe in investing in Commercial Real Estate. Because I control so much of the outcome vs. handing my money over to someone else. 

 If you study the great stock investors, like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger – you'll find that when they invest, they are not buying 100 shares of company and hope it goes up in value.  No.  They are buying a significant % of the company and generally getting a seat on the board- which means they influence decisions being made for the company.  They have an element of control that retail investors don't have. 
Written by Shane Melanson on May. 4th 2018
Stick with my Jiu Jitsu story (it’s short) and you’ll see an interesting relationship between self defense and how to invest in commercial real estate.

Today (friday morning) at Jiu Jitsu, Sean, my instructor was teaching a new stand-up to take down move. First, you take away space, (think- get in close), frame out, making sure to take away the ability of the attacker to strike and then positioning for the take down.